About Us

About Us


WELS Mission to the Children is a Christian, non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to sharing the Gospel and feeding hungry children in Sonora, Mexico. Mission to the Children donations provide the gospel and food to more than a thousand poor Mexican children and their families every month.

Iglesia Evangelica Lutherano Confessional

In addition to food and humanitarian aid, Mission to the Children donations help support two Mexican pastors and their families called to serve Iglesia Evangelica Lutherano Confessional (IELC) congregations in Altar, El Sasabe, and several other towns and outlying villages in Sonora, Mexico.

Mission to the Children is Different
Mission to the Children is a grass roots organization run entirely by WELS laity. A volunteer board of directors is responsible for all organizational, financial and administrative decisions. Our goal is not to make the world a better place; our goal is to share the love of Christ with others. Humanitarian aid is a bridge for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please join us as we serve others in love.

Board of Directors

Ruth Schaller, President Beckie Grube
John Bolm Sandra Phillips
John Kramer Mary Ann Rosas
Kent Phillips Benjamin Valenzuela
Jesse Huggins Pastor Timothy Westendorf